An Open Letter from Chad

Real Estate Investing in the Midwest. Houses ready to be sold Now.


Hello to my fellow REIs out there,

My name is Chad Mellentine. I’m a Real Estate Investor. 

If you are looking for a wise investment, I have an inventory of homes available for you right now.

My staff and I are putting together a killer package as we speak. Everything on our site is currently owned and managed by us.

Check out what’s ready to be sold!


I can’t tell you how glad you will be for choosing to invest in this area.

If you’re in the market for anything from Tulsa to Springfield, and KC I know you will be excited about our portfolio. REIs, like yourself, love this side of the midwest because it’s such a stable and family friendly environment. Our company is the fastest growing of its kind in our area.

Since I got into this business a few short years ago, I’ve had the privilege of talking to lots of investors, just like you. Tell me what types of cash flow properties you are interested in. I am ready to put together a package, catered to you.


Click on our website. Check us out. Learn more about what this small staff and I have accomplished. and where we go next. That’s where you come in. We are moving our inventory of cash flow properties off of our books. We want to sell them fast to serious investors. As you become an important part of this team, you will see why we are equipped to go big. This allows you to invest in a stable, easy turnkey concept that others in the industry envy.

Don’t hesitate. Give me a shout now.
Thank you,

Chad Mellentine





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